The Shaqed Foundation for Cultivating Human Culture
Realizing our Vision
The Shaqed Foundation was established in autumn 1989 with the aim of cultivating and advancing educational, social and cultural initiatives in an anthroposophic spirit in Kiriat Tivon and the surrounding area. That same year, Gan Shaqed (The Almond Blossom Kindergarten) was opened in Tivon through the initiative of a group of parents who envisioned the establishment of a kindergarten with an anthroposophic approach (Waldorf Education). Over the years, this educational initiative has expanded and deepened its roots. Additional child care nurseries and kindergartens have opened, the Shaqed Waldorf Interregional State School was opened (now holding 350 students from 1st through to 8th class), and the Shkediah class for children with special needs was established. Most recently, a 9th form high school initiative was launched, with the anthroposophic class opening at the local high school campus of Tivon.

Alongside, inspired by the expansion of educational activity, additional initiatives have flourished. These include seminars and teacher training programs and economic initiatives that strive to provide assistance to an aging population. The growth of these projects has led to the migration of many families from all over Israel to Tivon, and these families have considerably strengthened the social and cultural fabric of the region.

At present, "we seek to expand our educational and communal activities in Tivon and the surrounding area. In addition we seek to assist the implementation of a "community model” in other communities who wish to join". To realize this vision, we aspire to establish a Community Center for Social Development a space that will be the epicenter of community activity, a meeting place for learning to inspire and impassion creativity. This community center will enable the expansion of communal initiatives, seminars and teacher training programs, and the expansion of communal initiatives to integrate children, youth and adults from a variety of spiritual, national and social streams in Israel and abroad.