Initiatives in the Social Sphere
Seminar in Anthroposophical Studies
This seminar was developed in response to a growing demand from parents and community members to create an experiential learning space that would allow a first encounter with the anthroposophic path and its implementation. Special emphasis is placed on the philosophy and anthroposophy as a way of life, familiarization and deepened knowledge of the educational approach, biography studies and practical artistic workshops. The essential source of inspiration for the students and the teachers is the social ideal of cultivating individual and community culture, in Israel and abroad.

Biography Studies
Each person has a unique life journey. Every person discovers his own life puzzles which are solved as they are pieced together through our life events and interactions with others. Contemplation and investigation into one’s biographical path throws new light on life events and enlightens discovery into new and deeper meanings. The program includes biography studies, anthroposophy and practical group workshops.

Early Childhood Teacher Training Program
Children come into this world to grow and develop into independent and creative adults who are responsible for themselves and responsible to the society that surrounds them. This process is a long and challenging one. The role of the adult accompanying this essential process arouses many questions. Understanding the changing consciousness of the child and recognizing the stages of development that they experience sets the ground for the art of education. Training provides tools and skills with an emphasis on the discovery and nurturing of abilities inherent in each and every child, thereby transforming the action of teaching into an artistic process of creation.

Funding New Initiatives
The Shaqed Foundation is currently establishing a special fund to assist and promote initiatives within the spirit of its vision and give practical expression to the social and economic solidarity of the community. The fund is designed to enhance the relationship between community members and existing and new initiatives. As such, it will provide a channel for professional, economic and marketing support to the emerging education framework and community of  Tivon.

In today’s climate of deep social crisis, economic struggles, difficulties faced by the education sphere, growing violence and human disconnection caused by increased social polarization – we believe that it is especially important to support our efforts to realizing the Foundation’s vision and we invite you to join us in this endeavor.

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"A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the community finds its reflection, and when in the community the virtue of each one is living"  Rudolf Steiner